We are delighted that you are enthusiastic about our school!

Exploratory meeting
Before registering, we would like to invite you for a exploratory meeting without obligations. It's our goal to support you in your search for a suitable school for your child. During the conversation we tell you everything about our school. Why and how we do the things we do. We'll answer all questions about education and of course give you a guided tour through the school. 

Register in writing
If our school is suitable for your child, you can register your child in writing from the age of 3 years. You can pre-register your child, but this registration must be confirmed at the age of 3 years. You can request a registration form at the headmasters office, after the exploratory meeting. The moment the school registers your child, you will receive a written confirmation within 10 weeks after registration

Extra support
If your child needs extra support, it is a good idea to plan a follow-up meeting after the exploratory meeting. In this conversation you can ask more specific questions about the support structure of the school and what kind of support the school can offer. In this meeting we can discuss specific support questions about your child. Based on our support offer, you can determine whether or not our school is suitable for your child. If the school is unable to provide the right support for your child, we will look for a suitable place together with you.

Please contact Inge Schut (headmaster) for an introductory meeting. Click here, mail to or contact us by phone on 040-8489221.

School plan
The link below leads to our school plan in which we explain what type of school we are and which goals we're working towards. 

School plan 2019-2023 in English